Secluded beaches, lush green mountains and turquoise waters, kissed by the sun. Welcome to Tahiti, where a romantic getaway awaits you. You can dive from your bungalow into a sea of a thousand colors, swim with dolphins, feast on delicious cuisine and even experience a traditional Tahitian wedding. Packages start as low as $3,750 per person. It is our goal to assist each Maeva Tours client by preparing an itinerary that meets all of their needs, from air travel, accommodations and essentials to the special arrangements that make each experience uniquely personal. In many cases, our comprehensive packages and exclusives are exactly what our client’s desire, with an itinerary that provides a truly Polynesian adventure in every sense, and at a remarkably affordable price. Of course, we also welcome the opportunity to help you to create a completely custom package. Contact us today, we’re eager to help make your dreams come true. Maeva Tours Toll Free: 800-799-6991 Tel: 858-536-5700 Fax: 858-536-5704 For reservations, email us at: For more information, email us at: